One more text update and art tomorrow

Okay! just cause I haven’t posted any art in the last couple days doesn’t mean I haven’t been working I promise there’s gonna be art tomorrow I’m also thinking of making a new icon for myself  plus there’s one other small thing I’m doing on the side I’m repainting an old Rainbow brite piggy bank I got a thrift store a few years ago and if the paint job comes out good enough I was thinking of reselling it =)

There’s one thing I don’t like about kingdom hearts and that’s the fact that almost everyone and their mother has a keyblade now I’m not angry about it or anything like that I know the keyblade is cool and all but I want to see more diverse weapons excluding organization 13 because their weapons are already diverse I want to see the main characters with weapons other than keyblades I’m not saying we need to get rid of the keyblade just some different weapons would be cool anyone else with me here?

No more being lazy!

I know I said I’d have the drawings up soon and I’m sorry I’m taking so long I’m not gonna lie it’s been mostly because of laziness and procrastination and a little bit of having no motivation to draw lately but damnit no more I’m gonna get a drawing out today

Anyone wanna talk?

Doesn’t have to be about anything in particular


Art by me
OCs belong to rtonart

Ahhhhhh! look at this! *w* my friend drew this for me I had to reblog it these are me babies Mac and Mary I love this so much thank you <3
Ewwww man butt lol jk It looks good, If you do end up coloring him, I’m sure he’ll look cool

Thanks man I needed to hear that ^^ haha man butt never gets old xD
domox10 replied to your post:News
:( I hope you feel better soon

Thanks and don’t worry I’m slowly getting better ^^ only thing that’s bugging me now is these coughing fits and my asmath 
Yes I drew a mans butt let’s just get that out of the way man butt anyway I’m finally able to get out of bed for more than 10 minutes since I got this flu/cold I swear all that’s been on my mind is half human half animal creatures so I wanted to draw one of my own and I’m gonna draw more after I get other drawings I owe people done and I promise I will they’re almost done I just gotta color themhis design is still in the very early stages and is subject to change I guess he can be considered a Sirin but he’s more of a male Harpy let me know what you peeps think it’s another sketch but I might color this don’t know yet I’m trying to do more drawings at a fixed angle/perspective type thing and I’d really like some feed back on this one

Okay once again I’m sorry drawings are taking long I just got hit with the worst flu I’ve ever had this year I promise I’ll do what I can drawing wise I hate making you guys wait it makes me feel like crap 

Robin williams died two days ago and that hit me I really loved Robin it’s just awful the way he died I really wish he hadn’t gone the way he did it seemed so painful

I promise I’ll try to get things done just bear with me alright?


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